C-Scape’s TXL™ (Trans-Lux Excel Interface) allows the user to simply take desktop data from Microsoft Excel and transform it to highly visible Trans-Lux DataWall. Users may illuminate one or more worksheets onto one, or many DataWalls in any format.


TXL is a Set and Forget application. Once configured, TXL performs seamlessly and efficiently. Information, display formats and colors are changed through Microsoft Excel’s powerful, yet easy to use, graphical interface. Any changes made to your Excel worksheets are instantaneously displayed on your DataWalls.


Obtain Content From...  And Content such as...
  • User Input
  • Database
  • DDE
  • Internet Web Sites
  • Messaging
  • Stock Prices
  • News
  • Weather
  • Top Selling Movies
  • IPO Announcements
  • Call Center Statistics (ACD)
  • BIDs, FIDs, GIDs, RIDs
  • Sales Statistics
  • Auction Prices


Features & Applications
  • Information is displayed in realtime
  • Supports one or many Datawalls simultaneously
  • Rich formatting Capabilities
  • Visual Basic Support
  • Operates under Windows 95/98/NT®.