University Finance Lab Stock Ticker with Live Content from iCandy

JetStream gives you complete control over content creation, formatting, and operation of your LED Ticker Displays. JetStream's intuitive graphical user interface,  combined with the most advanced Message Editor and Data Formatting on the market today, allows you to easily craft and format presentations for your displays.  Once created, JetStream easily allows you to control when your presentations are shown.


Supports Wide Range of LED Ticker Types

JetStream's comprehensive graphical user interface offers all the tools needed to create engaging presentations:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Single Color
  • Tri-Color
  • Eight Color
  • 64 Color
  • Full Color
  • Serial
  • TCP/IP
  • Character / Text Based
  • Graphical


Choose From a Wide Array of Information Sources

JetStream accepts data from a wide variety of data sources using both open standards (such as DDE) as well as proprietary interfaces.  Multiple data sources can be supported simultaneously. 

  • Bloomberg
  • CQG
  • DTN.IQ
  • eSignal
  • FactSet
  • Interactive Data
  • iCandy Sports Feed
  • Microsoft Excel
  • REDI
  • Quodd
  • Thomson One
  • Thomson/Reuters Station
  • Thomson/Reuters Plus
  • Refinitiv EIKON
  • Refinitiv Knowledge Direct
  • RSS
  • Text Files
For selected Market Data Vendors, JetStream can display “Movers and Shakers” as well.


Go International*

JetStream supports Unicode allowing you to create messages in any language for which a True Type Font exists.  Likewise, JetStream can display bitmaps allowing you to create messages with any Graphics Package.  JetStream can also flip/rotate your display content.  This, in conjunction with flipping/rotating your display, will allow information to be scrolled Left, Right, Up or Down.

* On Graphical LED Ticker Displays Only


Company Logos

New for 2021, JetStream now allows Company Logos to be displayed in place of or in addition to their corresponding stock ticker symbols.  


Flexible Scheduling

JetStream allows flexible scheduling for both your presentations and your physical displays.  At the presentation level, any presentation can be interjected into the presentation currently being shown. Presentations can consist of market data, messages, or a playlist of other presentations.  At the display level, you can control what presentation will be shown at any minute of any day.  Tailoring your displays content based upon the day/time allows, for example, showing real-time market data during trading hours, market data recaps after hours, messaging on the weekends and blanking displays at night saving energy and increasing the life of your displays.


Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 (or newer)
  • Intel i3 - 1GHz
  • 4GB Memory / 100MB Available Disk Space
  • Available Serial Port (for each Serial based display)
  • Network Interface Card (for Network base displays)
  • Video Monitor (at least 1280x1024 resolution)
  • Keyboard & Mouse