QuickStart© is an ActiveX™ Control that adds support for a Trans-Lux™ Ticker display to a Microsoft Windows™ Application in minutes.  QuickStart can save days of development time that would be spent coding communications drivers and Trans-Lux display protocols.

Any programming environment that supports ActiveX™ controls, from Visual Basic™ to Internet Explorer™, can take advantage of QuickStart. QuickStart truly makes your Trans-Lux™ Display Plug and Play. 


Save days of development time

QuickStart allows support for a Trans-Lux™ Ticker display to be added to a custom application in minutes.

  • QuickStart is easy to use... Just Drag, Drop and Use.
  • No need to understand LEDJet Programming Protocols.
  • QuickStart handles Low Level communications as well.  Don't worry about how to use to program your serial ports... QuickStart does it for you.


Multiple Platforms

QuickStart can be utilized by any application or environment that supports ActiveX™ Controls.

  • Microsoft Visual C++™
  • Microsoft Visual Basic™
  • Borland Delphi™ 


What you see is what you get

QuickStart comes with a Trans-Lux™ Display Emulator built in allowing you to see what's on your Display without being in front of it.


Key Features

QuickStart offers the ease and flexibility to add support for Trans-Lux™ Ticker displays to your application quickly and easily.

  • Add Ticker Support to your application in minutes
  • Works with most popular development environments.
  • Shields developers from both Ticker Protocols as well as Communications programming.